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Pray for Family Happiness under the Bodhi Tree

Pray for Family Happiness under the Bodhi Tree Pray for Family Happiness under the Bodhi Tree

The word "Bodhi" is a transliteration of Bodhi in Old Hindi (Sanskrit), which means consciousness and wisdom, which refers to people who wake up from a dream, suddenly have an open mind, epiphany the truth, and reach a transcendental state, and Buddhas "form the Tao" under this tree. India pays great attention to the "blood veins" of the banyan tree, and honors the direct descendants of the holy banyan tree during the epiphany of Buddha's ancestors. There is a banyan tree in the family, which can not only rest quietly to recuperate with one's heart, but also pray to the Buddha to bless the family.

Fake banyan tree is a large simulation plant designed and made by technicians who imitate the shape of Bodhisattva tree and use high simulation materials. Fake banyan tree is a fiberglass resin structure, which adopts high-performance epoxy resin and fiberglass winding molding. The bole adopts a national standard steel structure, and the leaves are made of high-performance flame retardant environmental protection materials such as ABS plastics or PU.

Fake banyan tree has the following characteristics:

Wind resistance and UV resistance;

Good corrosion resistance, aging resistance and high temperature resistance and flame retardant resistance;

It is not easy to crack or deform; it is non-toxic, odorless and extremely durable;

It doesn't need to be watered, fertilized, and dewormed. And it doesn't need to be treated by someone, and it only needs to be washed occasionally.

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