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Universal Theme Park in Beijng

Universal Theme Park in Beijng

Universal Theme Park in Beijng

Chapter I: How can the tropical landscape plants in Universal Theme Park survive in Beijng winter?


In September 1st, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Beijing will soon usher in the first "student". Many of Universal Theme Park builders and partners have already seen it in advance. In recent days, the power of the autumn in Beijing has made people in a trance. Walking in the coconut shadow of Hollywood District and Minions Paradise, tourists seem to be under the sunshine of Los Angeles. Only a few days after the internal test, tourists have found many online famous scenic spots.


Many tourists are curious about how to wrap these tropical plants to survive in Beijing winter? In fact, their worries are superfluous. These are artificial plants, but tourists can hardly realize that these are artificial plants. The touch and texture of the trunk and the light shed by the sun through the leaves are almost the same as those of real plants.

The extensive use of tropical palm plants is one of the most important features of Universal Theme Park. It also helps to create a sense of vacation. Universal Theme Park designers are reluctant to give up this element due to climate reasons in Beijing, so they decide to use artificial plants.

Artificial plant, an extremely mature product, has been used in domestic theme parks since its birth. However, in the face of the stringent standards of Universal Theme Park, China's craftsmen won the favor through two years of product innovation. Why?

Before we know the story behind the product, we need to know the vegetation style of each part in Beijing Universal Theme Park.

First, the North Ring Resort and the hotel park have their own beauty

The first phase of the Beijing Universal Theme Park resort area includes City Avenue, two hotels, and seven major scenic spots. Different spots different features.

The hotel is located at the entrance of Universal Theme Park, bringing tourists back to the classic golden age of Hollywood. Guests are Starry stars.

Hollywood is located in Los Angeles, where date palm trees are common. The artificial date palm tree array at the entrance of the resort hotel which look like a welcome escort. Date palm tree is one of the earliest old tree species in the world. Its very tall and majestic, and its shape is also very beautiful. Its trunk is strong, its leaf tops are clustered, and leaves are very closely extended, which is of great ornamental value.

In the Jurassic and Minions areas, you can see an extremely rich variety of artificial plants, including date palm tree, coconut tree, misplaced coconut tree, washington palm tree, Manila Christmas coconut tree, European dwarf palm, beautiful axis palm, thorn axis palm, Licuala spinosa, sago palm, etc.

Nubula island in the Jurassic world reproduces the Jurassic era 65 million years ago. All John Hammond's ideas about the Jurassic era have been realized one by one! Full of unknown tropical rain forests, spectacular waterfalls and mysterious lagoons, of course... And those prehistoric dinosaurs that have been "awakened"! In order to create a tropical rain forest in Beijing, diversity is indispensable.

On both sides of Hollywood Avenue,
the big artificial washington palm trees take tourists to Los Angeles. Washington palm belongs to palm family. It is born of Mexico, California and so on. It can be said that this is a native tree species in California, which is essential to create an original Hollywood.

The transformers area overall presents the sci-fi metal atmosphere, however artificial vertical plant wall give them more tender feeling.

The world of Kung Fu Panda is far-reaching and all inclusive. When you step into this ancient place, you will find that it is not only a legendary land integrating the beauty of nature and ingenuity, but also a place where you can put aside your thoughts and feel the awe of nature. As an indoor project, tourists are closer to vegetation, with richer scenes and more diverse and exquisite vegetation.

Artificial Plants include pine, willow, maple, cherry tree, green bamboo and so on; Ground cover shrub, flower shrub, Boston fern, grass, pineapple, grass shrub, lawn, etc.

It is worth mentioning that since this is an indoor scenic spot, the requirement for artificial plants is that the flame retardant reaches to B1 level. Can you imagine? Ordinary people understand that flammable "plastic flowers" should be "difficult to burn". What is the magic? However, this technical requirement was broken through by a Chinese enterprise.

Chapter II: Wang Qingcai, 700 days is only for one leaf

The plants described above are finally supplied and installed by Beijing palm Technology Development Co., Ltd.They are the only supplier of artificial plants for Universal Theme Park. It makes people wonder why there are so many suppliers, only Beijing Palm can be selected also exclusive? The enterprise legal person gave the answer in his 700 days.

Wang Qingcai is the legal person of Beijing palm Technology Development Co., Ltd. He has worked in the field for nearly 40 years. He is experienced in mold technology and product design and R & D of plastic craft products, sometimes to the degree of obsession.

Wise people create more opportunities than they get. (Francis Bacon) in 2015, Boss Wang's business was still booming, but the artist's excellence and the entrepreneur's keen insight made him realize that the similarity of products in the market is too high, and the product itself must have something worth breaking through.

Mr. Wang led the technical team to make drastic innovation on outdoor tree products from "bone image" to "appearance", that is, to improve the use of raw materials and the beauty of appearance. This painful and long process took nearly 700 days.

There are two directions for reform.

The first is the improvement of raw materials to solve the problems of light transmission and weather.Boss Wang led the technical team to discuss the flexibility and weather resistance of materials with the technicians of PE raw materials Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical; studied the most scientific cold resistance ratio, UV resistance and anti-aging ratio plan with Jiangsu additive manufacturers. Nearly 50 tests were carried out, using destructive traction, pulling, exposure and anti-aging Cold; in the comparative test process of different proportions, Boss Wang even used the way of tasting raw materials for screening, which is really "obsessed".

The second point is to develop molds to achieve microscope level replica plants. Traditional process molds are widely used in the industry, but palm trees choose industrial molds with several times higher prices for production. The technical team has been drawing, mold making, modification, 3D model printing and RE modification for nearly a dozen times. During that time, Boss Wang with technical team worked on new products every day. The R & D and cooperative machining workshop has become the on-site office of our technical team. Boss Wang's fatigue also led to a period of tachycardia. However, his love for the art industry and his rigorous attitude towards R & D products have been got reward.

Chapter III: four years, beijing palm with Beijing Universal Theme Park days and nights

After two years of research and development, the time has come to 2017, and a major opportunity is in front of Beijing Palm.

In 2017, Beijing Palm began to participate in the artificial plants selection stage of Beijing Universal Theme Park . The creative directors of the United States were very strict on products. Many factories were selected for reference, and three or four samples supplied to be selected. They were placed in outdoor for weathering tests. Compared with the PE products of palms, the product's color fading, flexibility and aesthetics were compared. It is far superior to the products made of adhesive tape provided by other manufacturers in all aspects, and the product has the best light transmittance, can produce natural halo in the sun like real plants, and the viewing degree is greatly improved. It has become the only supplier of simulation plants for the global project. At the same time, the PE simulation plants have also been successfully approved by the State Intellectual Property Office as a utility model patent product.

In terms of cost performance,Beijing Palm products also have great advantages. Although the unit price of their products is higher than others, the characteristics of UV resistance and anti-aging make the products lifetime longer. Wind-resistant can reach to 8 to 10 level, and can also customize flame-retardant B1 level. The overall procurement and maintenance cost is lower. Traditional leaves are black under the sunshine, especially for big palm,long leaves and big crown, which is very depressing. They are very different in color from the surrounding real plants. They can distinguish easily. The feeling experience is poor. The leaves are often broken outside for less than one year and should be replaced frequently. (comparison as follows: the left picture shows the leaves of Beijing palm tree, and the other two pictures on the right show the leaves of others)

Winning the bid is just the beginning, and the cooperation in the construction stage will further test the endurance of the enterprise. Since 2017,Beijing Palm has cooperated with the owner of Beijing Universal Theme Park to customize the product shape, technical standards and details of the artificial plant. The technicians from both sides have carefully calculated the internal structure of the artificial plant, controlled the details of the trunk texture, carefully carved the coloring, and developed the leaf material has done a lot of work, which has also laid a good foundation for the final perfect presentation.

Due to different products required by different projects,Beijing Palm have been integrated with product design, mold development, production, installation, customer service to meet the personalized needs of Universal theme park project.

As you stroll around the Universal theme park, please enjoy the masterpieces of China's craftsmen. It is their ingenuity that makes Beijing break through the latitude and longitude and even the time limit, crossing the prehistory and the future,change the world.

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