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Artificial Shrubs and Trees: to Create the Four-season View

Artificial Shrubs and Trees: to Create the Four-season View Artificial Shrubs and Trees: to Create the Four-season View

Whether it's walking, morning running or wandering, the park is a good place for us to relax. The establishment of the park is also quite exquisite, because it is a rare place. for us to feel nature in high-rise buildings. The most indispensable element in the park is green planting, in addition to tall trees, colorful flowers, green lawns, and also neatly trimmed shrubs. It is precisely these that constitute the "green activity center" in the city.

This article is about artificial shrubs and trees today. Artificial shrubs and trees play an indispensable role in landscape greening. Green roads, parks, communities, river embankments, etc., only have green areas, and most of them have applications of artificial shrubs and trees.

Artificial shrubs and trees can replace grass floral combinations into color blocks and various patterns. The leaves, flowers and fruits of some small artificial shrubs and trees have different colors, and small artificial shrubs and trees dense planting methods can be used to combine into patterns that imply different curves, color blocks, floral shapes, etc. These color blocks and patterns play a role in landscape green spaces or large turfs.

Artificial shrubs and trees of intensive planting can be used as a garden design for a large number of landscape green spaces. It reflects not the natural beauty and individual beauty of plants, but the characteristics and advantages of customizable modeling through simulation of shrubs, reflecting the beauty of pruning and group beauty of plants. These plant combinations or color blocks can be used in different situations, which can enrich the landscape and increase the amount of green. They have the effect of conciseness, brightness and extraordinary temperament, reflecting the great cost of garden planning and design.

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