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Date Palm is the New Highlight of the Scenic Spot

Date Palm is the New Highlight of the Scenic Spot Date Palm is the New Highlight of the Scenic Spot

Date palm trees play an important role in Arabic mythology, and are also very popular with Greeks as an exotic plant, often decorated around the temple in the shape of branches and leaves. Date palm trees originally grew on Canary Island on the west coast of Africa. Because of its beautiful tree shape and unique style, it has always been sought after by people. As a new variety in the artificial tree market, the artificial date palm tree has also been recognized by many consumers.

Trunks of artificial palm are tall and majestic. Its dense and stretched leaves, forming dense feathered canopies, which are very suitable for walking trees. The interior of the tree pole is made of fiberglass and resin. The bark is made of glass fibers and resin, which is clear and feels good. It adopts flame-proof and environmentally friendly materials. It has good corrosion resistance and Aging resistance. And it has high temperature resistant and flame retardant, ultraviolet rays, and strong wind resistance.

Artificial palms, as landscape trees, are also widely used. Home courtyards, garden scenic spots, shopping malls, office entrances, etc. can be used for decoration, and the attraction decoration shows the most charm. In recent years, we have often seen some scenic spots or playgrounds choosing to use simulation trees for landscape creation.

Applicable occasions: hotels, parks, commercial streets, squares, river courses, stations, auditoriums, entertainment venues, ecological gardens, community courtyards, exhibition halls, supermarkets, offices, families and other occasions to beautify the environment for a long time.

Artificial date trees have been on the way of continuous innovation and research and development. At present, the technology is becoming perfect and the variety is relatively complete, so it can create new bright spots for landscape decoration. Beijing Palm International Group Ltd. is a high-quality artificial plants manufacturer that provides high-quality services of artificial palms for sale. It can set various specifications according to requirements to meet the different needs of different customers. Welcome to consult!

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