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Are Artificial Garden Walls Harmful?

Are Artificial Garden Walls Harmful? Are Artificial Garden Walls Harmful?

Artificial garden wall covering is one of the most popular decorations in the decoration market. For people who want to enjoy life, what they want is not only beauty but also environmental protection. So is the artificial garden wall covering environmentally friendly? Is it harmful?

First of all, from the perspective of materials, the large-scale artificial garden wall covering in the market is generally made of fiberglass resin and steel structural materials, and the leaves are made of waterproof, UV proof, flame-retardant and environmental protection materials, such as plastic or high-grade oilcloth. Generally, the artificial garden covering and artificial garden wall covering installed indoors are also made of environmental protection materials such as PE or PU.

Moreover, these raw materials are used only after passing the test of the third-party quality inspection agency. Green environmental protection is very important in China, and the regulatory agency is also very strict. We do not need to worry about the material problem.
Therefore, we can know that the artificial garden wall covering is basically harmless, on the contrary, it has brought a lot of benefits to our life. It not only beautifies our environment, but also brings a spring scenery to our life, which plays a role in greening the environment to a certain extent.


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