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Artificial Bamboo Scenery Helps Form Poetic Dwelling

Artificial Bamboo Scenery Helps Form Poetic Dwelling Artificial Bamboo Scenery Helps Form Poetic Dwelling

Bamboo, together with plum tree, orchids and chrysanthemum, is known as the one of the "four noble characters of flowers", which has always been loved by poets, and pine and plum are listed as "three durable plants of winter", which shows their status among the Chinese people. Bamboo also has important planting and processing industries in Japan, Thailand, Africa and other countries and regions. Its handicrafts and processed products are popular all over the world, and the natural atmosphere of bamboo is increasingly popular with the public.

However, in many parts of the world, there are fewer and fewer home bamboo views due to their unsuitability to bamboo growth, so artificial bamboo trees scenery has been produced. artificial bamboo trees not only retains the elegant of bamboo scenery, but also provides a sense of vitality.

Su Shi, a Chinese poet, has a poem: "I'd rather eat no meat than live without bamboo." It can be seen that ancient poets loved bamboo. Bamboo scenery can not only create a quiet courtyard with Zen elegance, but also create an elegant and exquisite home environment. Use the appropriate bamboo scenery to cover up the inner landscape, create a sense of beauty, and the bamboo will be full of vitality. In addition, the decoration of stones, elegant and smooth branches and green branches and leaves, forming a beautiful scene of natural sparseness.

Only with a poetic house and endless vitality can our souls live in. Boil a pot of clear tea next to the lush bamboo scenery and enjoy the goodliness of poetry and wine.

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