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Diatom Mud Materials in Artistic Wall Designs

Diatom Mud Materials in Artistic Wall Designs Diatom Mud Materials in Artistic Wall Designs

Advantages of diatom mud material in artificial wall designs:

1. Moisture absorption in wet areas and dehumidification in dry areas. When the air is wet, diatom mud can absorb the water in the air and reduce the humidity. When the air is dry, spray water against the wall, and the moisture will quickly change into water vapor to increase the indoor humidity. Because of its porous nature, it is similar to a sponge. When there is more water, it can extrude water, and when there is less water, it can inhale water;

2. Inhibit the growth of mould. Mould growth is supported by water. Mould growth on the wall is mostly related to the residual water on the wall. However, diatom mud can effectively inhibit mold because it can absorb wall water;

3. No static electricity and dust absorption;

4. Heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention and flame retardant.

Disadvantages of diatom mud materials in artificial wall covering:

1. It is not easy to clean, for example, things painted by children with paint and water pen cannot be cleaned;

2. The beauty is not good, no wallpaper and other materials are good.

Key points of diatom mud material construction in artificial plant wall covering:

Before the construction of diatom mud interior wall coating, the base course must be well treated, and then the putty shall be applied for further leveling, and the sealing primer shall be applied. If the waterproof putty is used, the sealing primer can be omitted. Texture construction methods are divided into the following three series: flat light method, spray method and art method. It usually takes 48h to dry completely. After 48h, spray a small amount of clear water with a watering can. After drying, use a dry clean towel or sponge foam to remove the floating material on the surface. During the construction process, pay attention not to use air conditioner, fan or window to ventilate, so as to avoid drying too fast, which will increase the difficulty of texture construction.

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