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Artificial Garden Design

Artificial Garden Design Artificial Garden Design

The appearance of this kind of lawn in the artificial garden looks very special. First, it will not change colour because of the weather or the change of the four seasons. Second, the foundation of the artificial garden is generally asphalt and cement. In terms of time, it is no different from our ordinary grassland, but in fact, its drainage is very fast, even in heavy rain, it will not change colour. The ground is impervious. The film or woven cloth used as the backing of the invention is made of the same material as the grass yarn after drawing.

Therefore, the combination of the grass yarn and the film or woven cloth is equal to the formation of the base cloth and the film or woven cloth as a whole by the method of compression fusion welding, and the pile head of the grass yarn is also fused with the film or woven cloth to form a whole.

So it's like there are actually three big circles with a radius of 9.15 (10 yards) meters on the court, just wiping out the big inner part of the circles on both sides. The function of the free-throw arc is that when the attacker sends a penalty, other players on both sides except the goalkeeper of the defender must be in the arc and the free throw Zone line, that is, at least 9.15 meters (10 yards) away from the free-throw point. After that is design. The artificial turf is designed by bionics. Its appearance and foot feel are very close to that of natural turf. It can be used as paving materials and teaching tools to achieve two goals with one stone by drawing various patterns with earth green and other colours.

Before 12 noon, the sun was shining from the east to the West. After 12 noon, the sun shines from the west to the east of the playground. For athletes running from north to south or from south to north, it is "sidelight", so as to avoid direct sunlight into the eyes. If the stadium is east-west, then in the morning, the sun will directly shine on the eyes of athletes facing east.

To be clear and simple, artificial garden depends on money, technology and the present. If many grass-roots schools don't have so much money and want to have a plastic track, they can only use it under the strict premise to minimize the harm. If schools are afraid to use plastic runways, or if they are finished and have to shovel away, more innovation will lose ground.

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