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Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Outdoor artificial palm trees is a simulated green plant made according to the shape of palm trees. Steel pipes are used inside the ourdoor artificial palm trees. The outer fresh palm bark fixed with foam and palm silk are intertwined. Besides, it can keep evergreen and break through the limitation of authentic products. It is completely comparable with real palm trees. The bottom of the whole outdoor artificial film trees is welded with steel plate and fixed with concrete. Generally, it can resist typhoon of level 12!

Outdoor artificial palm trees are common simulation plants in daily life. They have strong beauty, practicability and ornamental when used for outdoor setting. Because of the existence of simulation palm trees in the city, they become more beautiful and dynamic.

Palm tree is a kind of tree species in Southeast Asia, and the simulated palm tree is a artificial fake tree made of simulated palm tree. The glass steel resin tree pole structure is made of high-performance epoxy resin and glass fiber, the national standard steel structure is used in the tree pole, and the leaves are made of ABS plastic or PU and other high-performance fire-retardant and environmental protection materials. Good corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, more environmental protection, UV protection.

As a member of modern urban greening, outdoor artificial palm trees are often used for outdoor scenery. They can be used inside and outside hotels, shopping malls, amusement parks, communities and streets. Compared with other simulation trees, they have a slightly better aesthetic effect. Because of their good decorative effect and high cost performance, they have been popular among consumers in recent years .

As a reliable artificial palm trees supplier, we have different kinds of artificial palm trees for saleOutdoor artistic palm trees are not only beautiful, but also extremely easy to install. As long as you put the good outdoor artistic film trees in the proper installation point, stand up the tree pole, make a few screw holes on the floor, add the iron frame, and then fix the screws on the ground with tools, so that you can fix the bottom, even if the wind and rain are heavy, it will not blow down, as for the leaves It's even easier, as long as there's a ladder to climb up and install.

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