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Classification of Decorating Artificial Plants

Classification of Decorating Artificial Plants Classification of Decorating Artificial Plants

Decorating artificial plant is a kind of handicraft in a broad sense, which is easy to control and change in appearance, placement and decoration. In life, people can design and decorate at will according to the actual environment, avoiding the restriction of fresh trees by natural factors such as climate, light, water. The special aesthetic effect brought by decoration, virescence, landscape layout is popular with people.


Classification of decorating artificial plants

Through materials, decorating artificial plants are generally divided into two categories:

1. The fresh-keeping artificial tree is a specimen tree made by artistic treatment of all or part of the target tree according to the characteristics of the real tree;


2.  Artificial simulation tree is a kind of handicraft simulation tree which is made by imitating the shape of real tree with various materials. More detailed division, there are cement simulation tree, the resin type simulation tree, glass fiber reinforced plastics simulation tree, other simulation tree crafts and so on.


The environment can also be divided into indoor and outdoor. The height of indoor simulation tree is generally not very high due to the limitation of housing space, while the height of outdoor simulation tree is not limited, ranging from two meters to tens of meters. Therefore, some people call the simulation tree with high height and large size as large simulation tree.


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