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Latex Paint Materials in Artificial Wall Designs

Latex Paint Materials in Artificial Wall Designs Latex Paint Materials in Artificial Wall Designs

In reality, the wall decoration of artificial  wall designs mainly includes: latex paint, diatom mud, wallpaper, hard package and soft package, decorative panel, stone, paint, metal, ceramic sheet, etc.

Latex paint materials in artificial garden wall covering


1. Low cost, each square meter includes base treatment, labor (wall fixation, three times of putty, one bottom and two surfaces of emulsion paint), the price is 50 yuan / square meter, according to different brands, the unit price will also have corresponding high and low;

2. The color scheme can be flexibly mixed to meet your own needs. Remember that after finishing the decoration, the construction party is required to keep some colored paint, which will inevitably collide when moving. The cost of re mixing and color card are extra expenses;

3. If the light color is damaged, it can be directly painted for repair. If you want to redecorate or renovate in a few years, you can paint again on the original basis as long as the grass-roots level is no problem;

4. The process is not complicated, and the base treatment is the key. If cracks have been found on the wall, they need to be treated in time. The more effective way is to brush the interface agent and paste the fiber cloth to avoid cracks due to temperature, humidity and other reasons.


Although it can be toned, the color is single and there is no decor. Some dark paint is difficult to grasp, without the participation of professional designers, do not try easily;

2 relatively easy to crack.

Key points for budget in artificial plant wall decor:

According to the budget quotation of the decoration company, there will be wall lining, putty paste, wall paste and other confusing audition charging items. The owner only needs to grasp: wall fixing, three times of putty, one bottom and two sides of emulsion paint (or three times of bottom free emulsion paint

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