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Artificial Coconut Trees for Sale

Artificial Coconut Trees for Sale Artificial Coconut Trees for Sale

The artificial coconut trees for sale are usually made of glass steel resin tree pole structure, which is wound by high-performance epoxy resin and glass fiber. The tree pole is made of national standard steel structure, and the leaves are made of ABS plastic or PU and other high-performance fire-retardant and environmental protection materials. Good corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, more environmental protection, UV protection.

Artificial coconut palm trees are usually used in areas that are not suitable for planting coconut trees. Their trunks are smooth and nearly straight, and their leaves are "fried" from the top of the trees, just like fireworks put on the Spring Festival. Hotels, scenic spots, amusement parks, communities and other places are perfect for creating the South Asian tropical style.

The production process of artificial coconut trees pile mainly includes the production of tree pole and coconut leaf. The production of coconut tree pole includes taking materials, cleaning, smoking, drying, turning the root pile upside down as tree pole for pruning and varnish dipping. The production of coconut leaf includes making leaf bracket with Loofah bar, taking plant seeds, leaves and shells as leaf materials, and then drying, dyeing and pruning as leaf materials The leaves are pasted onto the petioles to form a leaf disc; the leaf disc is pasted onto the branch formed by inverting the root post. The simulation coconut tree is a kind of simulation plant product designed and produced by engineers to simulate the natural shape of the coconut tree, using high simulation and environmental protection materials to make up for the limitation that the coconut tree can only be seen in the tropical low altitude area in the south. There are many kinds of artificial coconut trees for sale: King coconut, lolly coconut, betel nut coconut, fake betel nut, coconut shell coconut tree, common coconut, etc.

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