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Styling Modeling Plant

Styling Modeling Plant Styling Modeling Plant

Modeling plants refer to the use of different characteristics of various seedlings and techniques such as pruning and plate ligation to achieve the desired graceful form. The proper use of modeling plants in gardens can create good artistic effects for the landscape.

Pile view style

Most of them are large stumps and bonsai. Adopt a micro-pruning modeling method to show that the trees have gone through vicissitudes, reflecting their vigorous and simple charm. They are often isolated in open space, or combined with scenic walls, doors and windows, and rockery.

Congruent style

It mainly cuts individual plants into geometric shapes, or multiple monomer combinations are trimmed and bound to gradually form a specific shape. It is mostly used in regular layouts with a strong sense of order, giving people a neat and serious effect.

Hedge wall style

Through trimming or knitting, the plants form high-rise uniformity or regular changes in fences. Common hedges and tree walls belong to this category. Such plants are often planted on both sides of the garden road, around buildings or combined with retaining walls to divide space.

However, modeling plants are the most expensive maintenance in plant landscapes, which need to be pruned frequently. To maintain good results, it needs to be built by highly skilled technicians, and the labor cost is much higher than that of ordinary vegetation. artificial topiary shrubs, using high environmental protection materials and new manufacturing technology, perfectly copying the texture and shape of plants. The construction of this artificial greenery bushes is relatively simple. As long as it can be designed and made, it will take only a short time to complete all procedures. And daily maintenance is also very easy. It only needs to be simply cleaned up, or someone is found regularly for simple maintenance and repair, which is very practical.

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