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Design Principle Of Interior Plant Wall

Design Principle Of Interior Plant Wall Design Principle Of Interior Plant Wall

With the development of the times, the artificial green wall is more and more popular with the public. Many interior also use the plant wall. Do you know the design principle of the indoor plant wall? Editor in chief sorted out the following principles to share with you for your reference.

1. Principle of physical and mental health: the artificial plant wall covering is set for the living environment. The main health is to cultivate one's health, adjust one's mind and body, reduce visual fatigue, purify the indoor air and reduce noise through the metabolism and plastic arts of green plants. However, the metabolism and total area of green plants in the green wall will also have negative information effect, which should be taken into account. Healthy elements, to set up suitable green plant wall green plants, non-toxic harmless species and their total area and art form control, can successfully create a healthy green wall.

2. Survival principle: artificial plant wall is a three-dimensional horticultural form with plants as the main artistic element. The long-term storage of plant cell wall should be fully considered, and the variety and seasonality of plants should be paid attention to. In addition, we should also pay attention to the regulation of the plant wall environment, such as light, air mobility, temperature, humidity, fertilizer, etc.

3. Size principle: the size of the total area specification of the green wall must take into account the harmony with the living environment and the combination with the soft decoration design.

4. Art principle: an artificial green wall is an art form, which explains people's love for nature. It can be expressed in various forms, such as area, landscape pattern, line, leaves, tree crown, etc., but it must be a harmonious art form.

5. Adaptability principle: not all places are suitable for setting plant walls, which are different from each other. The best is not necessarily the right, only the right is the best.

The above is the design principle of indoor plant wall, which is more healthy, beautiful and valuable.

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