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Classification of Artificial Tree

Classification of Artificial Tree Classification of Artificial Tree

The artificial tree is a new type of decoration made up of modern technology and new materials. It is mainly made up of the appearance of various types of trees in nature. It can be used in specific occasions to show the real tree effect in nature.

 1. Preservation artificial tree. This kind of simulation is a artificial tree that insists on the original form of the policy tree in appearance form after special treatment of the trees to be simulated.
 2. Artificial tree. For example, large-scale artificial trees for cement casting, steel structure artificial trees, FRP artificial trees, led scene trees, etc.

 3. Due to the different environments used, it can be divided into indoor artificial tree and outdoor artificial tree. The outdoor artificial tree can resist wind, rain, and ultraviolet rays, so that the application time is longer.
 The artificial tree is presented with its expressive shape, unaffected by the constraints of the natural environment, and can be freely designed and decorated according to the environment, which makes people gradually accept and love. It brings better results than real trees in terms of decoration, greening, and landscape placement. The presentation of the artificial tree also shows the level of technology and people's living standards in a certain sense.

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