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The Functions of Simulation Plants

The Functions of Simulation Plants The Functions of Simulation Plants

The rhythm of modern life is speeding up with the pace of social progress, more and more people are busy. They have no time to take care of the plants or bonsai that beautify the environment. Over time, these bonsai wither because of "no one to take care of them", they can't beautify the indoor environment, but bring some sad feeling to the whole interior. The appearance of artificial garden wall covering has replaced the plants or bonsai in the fast-paced life, as well as  makes the interior a new look.

Artificial green plants are made of high environmental protection materials, simulating the real plants. The space theme created by simulation plants is the fashion trend of modern space decoration. In some public spaces, simulation plants not only set off the green and nature of the space, but also give people more visual and physical and mental enjoyment.

Now we can often see the ecological space created by simulation plant decoration, such as ecological airport, ecological restaurant, ecological office, now more and more people choose to use simulation plants to create more residential scenes, among which more and more offices are created by simulation plant landscape decoration. Put some green plants in the tense office environment, which can effectively relieve the depression and tense atmosphere in the office, so as to make people happy, let them relax and expand the thinking.


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