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Advantages of Artificial Plant Wall

Advantages of Artificial Plant Wall Advantages of Artificial Plant Wall

In recent years, in order to satisfy people's pursuit of nature, artificial plant wall has been more and more used in shopping malls, exhibition hall background wall decoration, logo production, outdoor gardens, theme parks decoration because of its simple production process. Now, Beijing Palm Tree will give you a brief explanation of the advantages of artificial plant wall.

1. Artificial plant wall has strong plasticity. Artificial plant wall has good decorative effect, and it can play a very good decorative role whether indoor or outdoor, or in cold winter. The products are made of environmental protection materials. There are many kinds of materials selected, and the colors are freely matched. Unlike plant tree, it does not need to consider plant growth and climate factors. According to the scene atmosphere can be flexibly matched with plant walls, it can play a good role in decoration and create a warm environment. It can also relax people who are in it.

2. Artificial plant wall is very practical, and the raw materials used are durable materials, so the service life is longer. If it is used outdoors, then only simple maintenance can ensure the durability of its effect. It doesn't need sunshine or rain. Even in underground shopping malls or bars, it is not affected. Many ornaments can also play a certain decorative effect, but they are not as good as the lasting effect of simulated plants. If it is used indoors, as long as it is a regular product purchased, it will not fade for several years.

3. Simulated plant construction is simple. Only need to fix the frame of plant wall with wooden board or steel mesh on the wall, hang hooks or planting bags according to the size of plant products in the corresponding position, and then stitch the simulated plant products together. For convenience of installation, the width of stitching is generally 1 meter. Finally, plants are freely matched according to your own preferences. Thickness and sparseness of plant can be deployed. It should be noted that there are classified buttons between products. One side is convex, the other is concave, and the splicing is to keep the same direction, so as to avoid easy falling off or affecting the appearance.

In summary, it is environmentally friendly, tasteless, it is easy to handle. It has outstanding display effect, and simple construction, non-fading, non-withering and many other advantages. So artificial plant wall panels have been widely used in shopping malls decoration, Hotel bars, cafes and restaurants, office environment, external wall balconies, indoor partition decoration and other environments. It is the ideal choice for people to decorate their lives and beautify their environment.

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