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Simple Construction Method of Artificial Plant Wall

Simple Construction Method of Artificial Plant Wall Simple Construction Method of Artificial Plant Wall

Artificial plant walls are commonly used decorative products in modern indoor and outdoor decoration. Plant walls do not have common problems such as plant diseases, insect pests, and plant death. And it can effectively reduce noise, vibration and acoustic reflection, and achieve the effect of noise buffering. There is no excessive requirement for installation environment. Now artificial green wall products have realistic effects. They can create the visual feeling of nature with falseness and truthfulness. They can reduce fatigue and alleviate mental stress and have many other benefits. It is widely used in families, restaurants, shopping malls, stores and so on. So how does artificial plant wall decor stick to the wall?

Construction Method of Artificial Plant Wall Installed on Wall


Artificial plant wall products, steel frames, hammers, electric hammers, expansion screw, wrenches, scaffolding, banding

Step 1: Install the steel mesh according to the size of the wall

1. Stick the steel mesh to the wall

2. Punch holes with electric hammer in proper position

3. Insert expansion screw and hammer it in

4. Use the wrench to cover the nut and fix the steel mesh on the wall.

Step 2: Splicing of Artificial Plant Wall Products

1. According to the area of the wall, splice the products in the same direction.

Step 3: Roll up the artificial plant wall panels product

This step is to facilitate installation, the width of the general stitching is 1 meter, and the length depends on the height of the wall.

Step 4: Fix the product on the wall

1. With the help of scaffolding, the rolled artificial plant wall products are lowered from the top of the wall.

2. Adjusting products to fit steel mesh

3. Fix the product on the steel mesh with strap

There are letter buttons between product and product, one side is convex, and the other is concave. Splicing is to keep the same direction.

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