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Features of Artificial Plant Walls

Features of Artificial Plant Walls Features of Artificial Plant Walls

Artificial plant wall is a wall with high simulation plant layout. It uses the similarity between high simulation plant and real plant to achieve the effect similar to real plant wall or the effect that real plant can't achieve to meet people's pursuit of natural effect. According to different environmental requirements, people have designed artificial plant wall art models with different shapes, scattered heights and harmonious environment. After careful design, it can achieve the effect of falsehood. The artificial plant wall art does not need maintenance, its effect is durable and it is easy to express the design effect with clear layers, low cost and many changes in effect.


The artificial plant wall art has also received great attention in the United States and Japan. The artificial plant wall designed by our company is the product of the perfect combination of ecology and architecture. It is not only evergreen in all seasons, beautiful and elegant but also attractive. After being used in the building, it can reduce 70% of the indoor noise, keep the indoor temperature constant for a long time, keep warm in winter and cool in summer, it is durable and it is easy to dismantle and change, which can be called the best building model of a good living environment. The artificial plant wall is a small ecosystem. It can choose green plants in four seasons according to the needs of designers and customers combined with climate, temperature, humidity and other comprehensive conditions, it also can build a living environment close to nature at any time where people want.

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