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A Brief Analysis of Artificial Palm Trees

A Brief Analysis of Artificial Palm Trees A Brief Analysis of Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial palm trees belong to large artificial trees. Although there are a lot of artificial tree species, artificial palm trees are very outstanding. The sales of artificial palm trees are increasing every year, and the quality is also constantly improving and updating. Artificial palm trees are worthy of choice and very suitable for decorating outdoor large area landscape. Artificial palm trees can not only be used for outdoor decoration, but also for some interior decoration in public places, such as stations or tall and grand high-speed railway stations, which can show the match with the scene. Artificial palm trees are used as outdoor decoration in a lot of places, because the artificial trees are large artificial trees. They are very suitable for appreciation at all seasons and beautifying the environment in outdoor squares, community flower beds, company landscapes, park beautification, villa courtyards, etc.

1. What materials are used in artificial palm trees?

Artificial palm trees are made by technicians imitating the features of natural palm trees. The trunks are often made of fiberglass or galvanized steel with artificial palm bark, and the two kinds of high-performance materials can guarantee the firmness and environmental protection of the artificial palm trunk. As for artificial palm leaves, they are often made of PE new materials, which have anti-ultraviolet effect and will not be broken or damaged early if placed outdoors for a long time. It is worth saying that artificial palm trees for sale not only consider our personal safety, but also show the responsibility for environmental protection in nature.

2. The price of artificial palm trees

We choose commercial artificial palm trees for outdoor decoration because of the price advantage. The price of artificial palm trees is usually set according to the height and quantity required by customers to meet the market price. The advantage of price makes artificial palm trees become the main choice of outdoor landscaping products.

3. Durability of artificial palm trees

The service life of artificial palm trees is different in different regions. For example, in places where the wind is relatively strong, the base with strong determination is often made in the production of artificial palm trees, and steel plate welding as well as concrete pouring will be added. Typically, the artificial palm trees produced under these conditions can withstand class ten typhoon.

The materials used can also determine the service life of artificial palm trees. If it needs a long service life, the tree generally needs to be customized. Excluding natural disasters and human damage, the service life of general artificial palm trees is about 10 years.

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