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Maintenance Method Of Outdoor Artificial Green Plants

Maintenance Method Of Outdoor Artificial Green Plants Maintenance Method Of Outdoor Artificial Green Plants

Outdoor artificial green plants are exposed to the wind and sun for a long time, so it is inevitable that the internal rigid bar skeleton drawing will be eroded, and the colour will be changed due to air oxidation. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain and repair them. Generally, they are maintained once every 3-4 years. Survey the reliability of the internal steel frame structure, strengthen the fallen leaves and tree technical structures, increase the fallen leaves, and carry out eyebrow mending.

Check whether the trunk and branches of the artificial green plants need reinforcement and maintenance, and are exposed to the sun and wind for a long time. The material outside the cement will be weathered, making the cement layer fall off, and the internal steel frame is easy to be exposed and rusted. At this time, it is necessary to re-weld the local reinforcement and re coat the antirust paint.

The leaves of artificial green plants are easy to be oxidized due to the sunshine all year round. Some leaves need to be replaced again, and the reinforcement of the branches needs to be strengthened. We can also add leaves according to customers' requirements, change the overall appearance of the artificial trees, and make the trees rejuvenate again.

The colour of the artificial green plant will appear discolouration, fading, discolouration and other symptoms in the use process. In general, you can adjust and modify the colour of the original fake tree. If the customer needs to change the colour, they can also change it according to the existing colour.

It seems that the maintenance of outdoor simulation tree is not very complicated, but there will be many difficulties in actual operation, so it is necessary to ask a professional technical construction team.

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