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What are Artificial Palm Trees

What are Artificial Palm Trees What are Artificial Palm Trees

Outdoor artificial palm trees are the products of China's technological development. They have been sought after by many people. No matter where you are, you can see the shadow of outdoor artificial palm trees. No matter you go for a walk in the park or play by the sea, you can see their existence. They can float in the wind like real trees. You can't tell which is true or not. They have a very good view.


Many people don't understand the name of outdoor artificial palm trees. When it comes to fake trees and palm trees, people should understand at once. The fake palm trees are plant models that professionals copy according to the shape of palm trees. They can keep green all the year round, which are convenient for management and they do not need too much artificial breeding.

The outdoor artificial palm trees are plants made according to the shape of palm trees, which are fixed by steel pipe inside. The combination of external fresh-keeping palm skin and palm silk can keep evergreen, break through the limitation of the real product, make the image lifelike, lively, and completely comparable to the real palm tree. The bottom of the whole outdoor artificial palm tree is welded with steel plate and fixed with concrete. Generally, it can resist typhoon. The biggest advantage of outdoor artificial palm trees is that they have very good corrosion resistance and aging resistance, their colors can be kept bright for a long time, they are green all the year round and they will not change with the seasons.


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