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The Beauty of Artificial Plant Walls

The Beauty of Artificial Plant Walls The Beauty of Artificial Plant Walls

Ecological plant wall is a new type of three-dimensional facility horticulture, which has many advantages and values. But in some cases, it is difficult to implement real plant wall. Especially under the influence of environmental factors or cost factors, real plant wall needs to be replaced. Artificial plant wall is one of the products, and it is also ideal. Alternative art forms. It is very suitable for large garden planters.

Artificial plant wall

The origin of artificial plant wall is actually accompanied by the ecological plant wall. Affected by the ecological plant wall, artificial plants are used in three-dimensional landscape. Compared with the ecological vegetation wall, the artificial plant wall receives less restrictions from the environment and nodes, and is relatively more direct and convenient. The material of artificial plant wall has gradually developed from early artificial flower and integration of artificial plant to special customized artificial plant wall products. The elements are more diverse and the colors are more brilliant. Sometimes it can be used in conjunction with the ecological plant wall to achieve the effect of icing on the cake.

The fabrication of artificial plant wall is not complicated. Generally, according to the facade structure, simulated plant elements can be installed in a certain proportion and form according to the artistic demands. Compared with the ecological plant wall, it can be more three-dimensional, barrier, pluralistic, colorful and heteromorphic. Another important advantage is that the later maintenance is relatively simple and the later investment is low.

There are many places suitable for realization of artificial green wall, among which the commercial field is widely used, including temporary exhibition, special space decoration and hiding ugliness, high-altitude facade decoration, background wall rendering and so on. Especially special space has great application value, such as top inverted space, bare pipeline and facility surface, commercial display background and so on.

When producing artificial plant wall, we need to pay attention to the environmental protection and durability of material selection, and avoid the pollution of human settlements caused by improper material selection, and the fading and separation caused by the influence of time and environment.

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