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How are the Indoor Artificial Plants and How to Place Them?

How are the Indoor Artificial Plants and How to Place Them? How are the Indoor Artificial Plants and How to Place Them?

Artificial plants simulate the natural form of real plants, and are designed and produced through artistic processing. The indoor artificial plants on the market are the mainstream products. Are indoor artificial plants really good? Are they poisonous? Are there any hazards to the indoor environment and to humans? You do not have to worry, and here is one by one for you to explain.

Is placing artificial plants in the room good?

Artificial plants are rich in variety and are of full styles. Now the technical staffs are also adhering to the concept of "green, simple and beautiful", focusing on establishing the characteristics of artificial plants market, which not only facilitates people's life aesthetics, changes the household environment with the aesthetics, but also is environmentally friendly without pollution. Artificial plants are made of materials that are friendly to the environment and harmless to human. They reshape people's lives, fill the world with beauty, and create a harmonious, simple and beautiful home decorating environment from the perspective of art.

Second, how to place indoor artificial plants?

1. Artificial plants can not be juxtaposed with the kitchen, and can not face the kitchen, because the kitchen has a fire and strong fire is unfavorable to artificial plants.

2. The choice of artificial plants is also very delicate. We should place more multi-leaved artificial plants, because the large leaves invites money. On the contrary, the stake type of artificial plants, which will make the family lose money, should be less placed.

3. In choosing the colors of artificial plants, we often have a lot of choices. Generally from the view of color reconciliation and balance, those clolors with a strong positive red, yellow are lucky colors. Red is generally placed in the south position, and the best location for yellow is on the southwest and northeast. White and blue are cool colors, so plants of these colors are best placed in bright colors to match.

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