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How to Install Plant Wall Artificial on Different Walls?

How to Install Plant Wall Artificial on Different Walls? How to Install Plant Wall Artificial on Different Walls?

With the continuous development of science and technology, the demand of plant wall artificial is very extensive in the market, and the technology of artificial plant wall decor has been very mature. Nowadays, artificial wall decor has advantages both in material selection and in workmanship. The effect of artificial plant walls produced is very realistic, which can not be distinguished by naked eyes, and some high quality products even have the texture like real ones. There are variety of installation walls of artificial plant walls, such as glass mirrors, iron sheets and planks.

1. Concrete walls

Concrete walls are the most common walls in our life. In the process of combining artificial plants and wall, we just need to lay a 5-cm insulation board on the surface, and then plug the artificial plants on wall directly.

2. Plasterboard walls

Some customers need to temporarily build a green plant wall on the plasterboard, and the operation is the same as the above. Just cover the plasterboard with a layer of 5-cm and 9-cm insulation board.

3. Wire entanglements

Wire entanglement is also common used for installing wall. Many customers will measure the length of the wall when ordering, and then set a wire entanglement before making the wall mounted artificial plant wall decor on it. In this situation, milan grass base is generally used before installing flowers and plants.

4. Plank walls

Plank wall is the easiest type to deal with in 5 walls. You can add materials directly on the plank wall. After finishing the decoration, plug-in artificial plant wall and straight nail artificial plant wall can be made according to your own demand.

5. Ceramic tiles

Because the ceramic tile surface is smooth, so foam boards are commonly and directly stuck to it when installing this kind of wall. Other materials will generally destroy the marble.

Landscaping can make high quality return to our life. Beijing Palm International Group Ltd. can customize various artificial plant walls according to your needs. Welcome to choose and buy.

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